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In June , Dallas Singles, Inc. Like Dallas Singles, Inc. Mature adult singles have notified BBB that they were subjected to high pressure sales tactics and deceptive sign-up techniques that lead them into a contract that offers no guarantee of personal services or a refund.

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At the time, even after the family notified the company of his condition, Dallas and Fort Worth Singles continued to refuse a refund. Similarly, consumers have notified BBB that they are unable to get refunds even when requested within the same hour of signing-up. Consumers and former employees notified BBB that Dallas and Fort Worth Singles asks their customers to submit positive reviews about the business before they begin to receive the services. Shop, research, and compare.

Take time to shop, research, and compare different matchmaking companies before making a final decision on which service is right for you. No matter how much or how little you pay, there is no guarantee that you will find a match. Avoid falling victim to high pressure sales tactics.

103 eLove Consumer Reviews and Complaints

When meeting in person with a matchmaking service, ask questions and compare the verbal answers with the terms of written contract. Be prepared to say no if you are unsatisfied with the terms or the price. Never purchase the service because a matchmaker claims to already have someone in mind for you. They said they were sorry and that they would send me better introduction. I didn't hear anything from them for months at a time.

Whenever I called they told me to expand my criteria to date men of other nationalities. I asked for my money back because they misrepresented their services. They said they don't do refunds. That was in and Since then, I have called and asked for introductions and was always told the same thing, that they would look for someone for me and get back to me.

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The next invitation I got was from my neighbor's brother who was shy and quiet and lived with his sister. No way were we compatible. It's been years since I had an introduction and now it's , the phone numbers don't work and I have no idea how to reach them.

I am going to file a complaint with the consumer financial protection bureau. What they sold me was a lot different than what I got. I could have found the same thing on any other online dating service. Unfortunately I found no way to get any refund for any part of it. I'm still single and still looking.

eLove.com Reviews

If there is a class action lawsuit, count me in! I joined eLove in They promised to match me with quality professional gentlemen who were looking for serious relationships. I filled out the lengthy wishlist, and handed it over to them with a hefty check. Looking back I think "how stupid could I be", but I had just moved to the area and didn't know anyone. The first date was with a "gentleman" who was sitting at the bar and already tipsy when I arrived.

He had a great deal of difficulty paying attention to me instead of the TV in the bar. During our conversation he told me his family lived on the East Coast, but his job took him to the West Coast so much he was able to maintain a mistress for many years there. I had no doubt I could guess why he was divorced! After many weeks of not hearing from eLove, I finally received a notice to meet a gentleman who was an MD.

He was a nice man, but he kept breaking dates to go to New York City to meet with a ghost writer who was helping him write his book. Eventually he opted to work full-time on his book instead of pursuing a relationship. So much for eLove's promise of introducing me to relationship-minded men. The third man I was introduced to was a nice man who owned a bar, and who's life outside the bar was all about his grandchildren. Sweet, but I have no children and no grandchildren and was specific about the qualities of the man I was looking for.

Months later after not hearing anything from eLove, I met a gentleman on my own. I notified eLove to put my account on hold because I was dating someone. After a few years I emailed eLove and asked them to place me back on the active roles, but I received an email saying my membership had been suspended because I had not responded after they made several attempts to reach me via phone and email.

I would like my money back, or at the least, some introductions to some professional men who fit the profile I requested. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.

I would like to join a class action lawsuit. I specifically asked if they had men that fit this criteria. The 1st match had an associate degree, divorced, with a kid. I declined to meet him. The 2nd match had never lived outside the city of ABQ. So as part of my feedback, I said I asked for well traveled.

The next match had been in the military but didn't have a steady job. He worked with dogs. I wanted a refund at this point. Instead I got a letter from a collection agency. If you advertise you have a car with 4 wheels then give me one with 2, there is no way I'm paying for a 4 wheeler when you misrepresented your product. I paid for membership nearly 8 years ago 12 matches.

In that time I have received about 3 good matches about 2 others were bogus. I hadn't heard from them for over a year despite me phoning several times and emailing. I finally reached someone learning that they transferred locations and sold the company this is the 2nd or 3rd purchase AFTER they purchased the company from Together Dating Service.

I had to track this information down and follow-up myself after continuously not hearing from them. When you phone the number, there is an automated message Is there anyone that has knowledge on any class action lawsuits against these people? Maybe we should get together and file a class action lawsuit on them, if there are none now The introductions were not of quality at all.


Top Reviews and Complaints about eLove

The men lacked basic grooming skills in most cases, dressed poorly, had dirty teeth, poor hygiene, unkempt hair and didn't bother to shave. They looked like they rolled out of bed. When I asked for my money back they refused to refund me even partially. Do not sign on. Their service is a complete rip off!! The people who sign you up are con people who having a laugh at your expense. Hello, I went to this company with the idea that a service would be render. I never went out or met anyone from this dating company. The three people that call were already in a relationship or was not looking to be in one.

As a result to this my credit is mess up. The company is listed on my credit as a doctor bill. Having me owing this company thousands of dollars for a service that never took place. This company needs to be investigated. Yes I am all for the class action suit against this company as well as removal off of my credit report. The company is say they loan me money for this service. This never took place.

I signed on with eLove a few years ago. The price was high, but they promised results in return!

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I was not matched well on my dates okay maybe one. I felt eLove didn't give me that for which I was asking.

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In fact, they weren't even coming close. When I told my eLove handler the matches they were sending me were not aligning to my expectations, they assured me they would correct the problem. I felt they were sending me matches without regard to what I or my ill-suited matches wanted. A few of my matches had the same complaint. One of the eLove reviewers on this site said that they thought there should be a class action suit against eLove.

I see their point. If you're taking free advice, mine is: I believe that this company should have a class action lawsuit brought against them for breach of contract or not fulfilling terms of contract. My story is similar to many others. It started with a direct to this service from another.