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  1. Can I date a guy shorter than me? Of course! Here’s why it’s the best
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Understand where the bias comes from Popular media in America and other western societies almost invariably represent the average happy couple as comprising of a man who is slightly taller or at least of the same height as his female partner. Opponents of such popular cultural representations call the phenomenon height discrimination whereby men of shorter height are represented as being less successful in their professional and romantic lives as compared to taller men who have women and job promotions falling at their feet.

Whether such representations have any basis in reality is open to debate but the fact remains that media images have a strong influence on actual dating trends. Once you understand that notion of desirability of men depending on their height owes a great deal to artificial media constructions, you will be better prepared mentally to go out with your boyfriend even though he does not tower over you.

Successive generations of such thinking gave way to cultural predisposition where there was little chance of men literally or figuratively accepting women as their equals, much less of looking up to them. In fact in some traditional cultures which continue to be explicitly patriarchal, such constructs of masculinity and feminity still survive which is why men marrying women taller than them in these societies is largely unheard of.

However since you live in more egalitarian times and an equal society, there is no reason for you to surrender a potentially good thing to discriminatory notions of the past. Evolutionary reasons no longer hold water The most widely accepted reason though for the female preference for taller men seems to come from evolutionary science. In primitive times, when survival of individuals and indeed the species depended on physical strength, females naturally looked for partner who would be best able to provide food and shelter for them as well as protect from enemies and the hostile elements.

In other words, men who were healthy and physically fit as in being tall and muscular were most desired by women as mates. With successive generations this predisposition got strengthened with the result that women now seem to be genetically wired to choose men taller than them.

However conditions which influenced choice of a mate several millennia ago are no longer relevant.

In these times, the more resources a male partner can command, the likelier he is to ensure the successful upbringing of his family and clan. Therefore attributes like enterprise, wealth, and intelligence are now more desirable rather than physical traits like height. And though women may still find tall men sexually attractive, they will not necessarily choose to have a relationship or a family with him. I didn't realize this was a somewhat-common thing guys did until I read this thread. I did use the height difference as a reason to break up with a dude once, but it wasn't the only reason.

I think I was just in a weird time in my life.

Can I date a guy shorter than me? Of course! Here’s why it’s the best

But if I'm remembering correctly, that was the biggest height difference between me and of any of my partners for the set of relationships in which I was the taller one. Mouseover or click to view the metric conversion for this comment. Why do you feel insecure while wearing heels? It's a great tool for weeding stupid people out AND look great. Anyone who gives you shit about it is automatically someone you don't want to be involved with anyway, and other then that you will look like a very confident tall person, even when you don't totally feel like that.

I've never been with a guy taller than me and I do sometimes wonder what it feels like to be the small spoon and actually be the SMALL spoon. The vulnerability thing is true. I've always been around tall people so I forget that being a short girl probably isnt always a good thing. I'm 6'0 normally and rock heels up to 6in, go for it lady if they make you feel good theres no reason not too.

My husband is 5'2", and I'm 5'6".

The #1 Secret of Short Guys Who Date & Hookup With Taller Women

It was never an issue for me, but he was really concerned about it for the 1st few months. He'd had issues with others in the past. I grew up around amazing human beings who happened to be much shorter than average. My 4'9" mother is the strongest and most resilient woman i know. My 5'3" grandfather was thoughtful and loving and fierce as hell when his family was threatened.

As a friend of my grandfather once said, there's more than one way to stand tall. My husband is an incredible person. He's the type to give you the shirt off his back and shrug it off as nothing when you try to thank him. He overcame growing up in destitution, danger, and abuse to become a surprisingly well adjusted and empathetic man.

He works hard to make sure his family is supported and knows they are loved. He works hard to be sure his son will never understand the world his father grew up in. Yeah, I don't get the judgement over a few fucking inches. How the hell could anyone think that makes the tiniest difference when the man I married is a giant where it matters? Do you mean his heart or his penis? Your last sentence could literally mean either of those things. I love the way you write, though, you should write fiction.

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When I met him, I thought to myself that he wasn't really my physical "type" - I had always dated taller men a challenge, being a taller-than-average woman - and then I thought "Well, it would be really shitty to pass up a great guy because of something as insignificant as height. Thanks for being sensible, past-me! This is me and my boyfriend. I'm 5'11", he's 5'9" and we've been together for almost 4 years. I still wear heels no problem, though I do catch myself slouching down into one hip to be his height in pictures, which is a dumb habit of mine.

One short man told us that we were amazing and gave him so much hope when we were walking down the street holding hands, which was weird and adorable. My husband is 3" shorter than me and wasn't really my physical type either. But he's such an amazing man, the difference doesn't bother me. I still wore heels on my wedding day. It's so much easier to kiss and cuddle a guy nearly the same size, instead of one that towers over you. If you are currently three months pregnant and dying from some kind of terrible mutant death-cold, I might be you! Sometimes I feel self-conscious about the height difference, particularly in photos, but that's my own insecurity - I'm just BIG.

Slim, but just a big person, with broad shoulders and long legs. I always have been.

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So sometimes I see photos of us and think "Gah, I look huge," but Hmm, 7 months pregnant and suffering from immune response to the flu shot I got yesterday Almost the same thing! I have been married to my 3" shorter husband for 4 years, we are 30 weeks with our first child, annnnd I got my flu shot yesterday. Why was this removed? I'm sure you're already considering it or maybe have been already but if you're feeling under the weather please go see a doctor.

I lost a good pregnant friend to complications that resulted when her lingering cold turned out to be H1N1. Not common I know and I'm not trying to be a downer, but I watch her little boy grow up on Facebook without her and it's so awful: Aww, thank you for your concern!

I seem to be on the mend already and didn't have any fever , it was just a really yucky few days because the only thing my doctor says is safe is plain Tylenol, ugh. But if my symptoms don't continue to clear up, I will definitely make an appointment to see someone: Not currently, but I have. It wasn't something I cared about in the least, but I'd be lying if I said others didn't make it a big deal.

Some select others, though. It was fucking irritating and I don't get why it freaking matters at all. I dated a guy who was 5'4'' and another who was 5'5'' like me, but I'm a regular heel wearer. I didn't even notice the height in any way until a friend commented on it. Neither of my boyfriends ever commented on it until someone mentioned it, and then I perfected the look of derision and a scathing, "So what? That's the first thing I thought of too: Can be little spoon big spoon it doesn't matter because the size is close. This is what I miss about being short.

I Some days I wanna have boobs pressed into my back while I'm sleeping damnit. Do this to guys much taller than me.

Relationship problems of dating a short guy/ tall girl! 身長差から起こるカップルの問題!

Backs are so warm. You can find a tiny big spoon, trust me.

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  • I'm 21, 6 foot, lbs, blonde and pale. He is 23, 5 9 or 10, , and Filipino. We are opposite physically in everyway! He has never had a problem with it, but I use to be so self conscious. We sit on a couch he puts his head on my shoulder, we cuddle I scoot down in the bed so we are at the same height. It used to make it hard for me to feel feminine. Other guys have brought it up in the process of hitting on me, like "don't you want a real man" and girls have said no guy wants a girl taller than him or "I'm the perfect height, being tall would be so awkward sexually". Idk we don't really notice it much. It's sort of always in the back of my mind about how weird we must look.